Gut Feeling


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A 3 x 12 minute comedy-drama web series… And pilot for a bigger series.


Liv’s Sydney existence is pretty comfortable until she meets, or rather reconnects with Uta, her intuition personified who lives in Liv’s tummy and wants her to break up with her boyfriend Luke.



Liv, a 28-year-old advertising creative, is happy enough with her boyfriend Luke until one fateful evening when she is knocked unconscious at a surf club. When Liv wakes up, she can hear a voice coming from her gut who calls herself Uta and explains that she is Liv’s intuition. After getting over the initial excitement that Liv can now actually hear her, Uta tries to persuade Liv that Luke isn’t the right guy for her, but Liv doesn’t want to hear a word of it. Gut Feeling is a series about learning how – and when – to trust your gut.


About Production

Gut Feeling was filmed in Sydney in 2018 as Hattie Archibald’s Final Project for her Masters in Directing at AFTRS.

3 x 12 minute episodes are now complete and are currently being submitted to festivals.

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The project was jointly financed through:

  • AFTRS through the Master of Arts: Screen;

  • the generous donations of individuals through two crowdfunding campaigns, one on Pozible in 2015 and another through the Australian Cultural Fund in 2018;

  • funds received from Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund. 'Gut Feeling' was awarded a grant as an ACF Boost project.

The production has received generous support from and Spectrum Films.